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Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

Let’s get to know an inspirational woman today. Shawna is a follower of Fitness Bitness and like me is a CrossFitter at CFB. (Have I mentioned today that I love CrossFit?) I haven’t had the privilege of working out with her because she gets up way too early for me. But I know we’ll meet eventually. Shawna has only been CrossFitting a couple of months but she competed in her first event just a few days ago. Her determination is crazy powerful.

Getting to know you!
1. Age:
2. Favorite Exercise:
3. Hobbies
4. Have you always loved fitness?
5. What motivates you?
6. What fitness plans or goals do you have for the future?

Here are Shawna's responses:

1. I am 39 years old
2. Crossfit is the only exercise I have done for more than a couple of days.
3. I love crafting I make and sell all kinds of crafts.
4. I have never liked fitness. I have been overweight my entire adult life and have never felt comfortable working out anywhere until I joined CFB.
5. My goal of being healthy by 40 is a big motivator and the people at the box help me stay motivated. Some like yourself I have never met in person but yet they continue to post on my wall and inspire me.
6. I want to continue to grow stronger and get better at crossfit.

I love seeing strength and fitness click with folks. That is inspiring to me.

To find a sport or an exercise or a group fitness class you can become passionate about is a major gift. And when you share your passion with others, it’s a gift that can keep on giving (or annoying.)

Congrats Shawna! And good luck on your journey and on your next competition!

Never, ever give up!

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