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Friday, November 22, 2013


About a month ago I heard about a new business that sounded interesting. It was called FitBox. Every month a box shows up in your mail that contains items related to health and fitness. The items change every month and you never know what you might get. It sounded pretty interesting so I signed up and received the inaugural box yesterday.

It included a couple of protein bars, Fig Bar(which I love!), Athletic greens, Fighter Fix which is a massage oil, a cool suction cup holder thingy(which got cut out of the picture), Alergen losenges(also cut out of the picture) coupons, a training plan, a couple of recipes and a Hand X Band.

I think the Hand X Band is a winner. It is suppose to increase your grip strength which I need help with. I'm also wondering if it might be beneficial for the RA symptoms I have in my hands. Time will tell.

FitBox is a cool concept that I think will grow. I won't be a long term subscriber since the cost is $30 a month but it is kinda fun anticipating what might be in the next box. Might make a neat Christmas gift.

You can check 'em out at and on Facebook of course. And no, they are not paying me. That would be cool, but not happening. 

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