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Thursday, September 26, 2013

G is for GOALS!

I believe in setting goals. Back in high school I had a teacher that would have us write down our goals so that we could solidify in our minds a few things we wanted to achieve for the year. I carried this practice with me through college (didn't work very well there.) As an honest-to-goodness adult I've often used this goal setting exercise to keep me focused on specific things. 

The lists have changed over the years and some are more serious than others. It just depends on where I find myself at the moment. This year I have had several goals and I'm well on track to meeting them. Here are some in no particular order.

1. Handstands! (Check)
2. Pull-ups (Check)
3. Body weight squat - I think I can do this one, but haven't tested my 1 Rep Max yet. I have worked out with 125 for multiple reps so another 25 pounds is close to doable. So stay tuned. 
4. Dead lift over 200 pounds - Once again, I think I can do this one, but haven't tested my 1 Rep Max, however I have done a 5 rep max of 185 pounds, so logic would follow that I'm close. 
5. Be more positive. I think I have done that. I guess I should ask others what their opinion might be. 
6. Be more of an encourager. Again a little outside critique might be needed on this but I feel I'm a pretty good cheerleader. 

This year has been about strength. I really didn't care about the scale and actually don't get on it much. Have I lost weight, yes, but I've mostly lost body fat and put on muscle. I don't even know what my starting weight was because I didn't care. I just wanted to be stronger. This has been the first time in my life that I haven't obsessed on that stupid scale and I'm happier for it. Between doctors visits and occasionally at home, I might check my weight every month or two. The scale really cannot comment to the quality of your fitness or the richness of your character.

As we draw to the end of the year, start thinking about goals for 2014. What have you  always wanted to do that you have put off or been too afraid or intimidated to do? That would make an awesome goal don't you think? What makes you happy? Set up a goal around that. What benefits other aspects of your life? That might make a worthy goal. What enriches the world around you for the positive? Goal it!

You really will be surprised what you can accomplish when you purpose in your heart to pursue something worthy.

Be bold, be optimistic and be tenacious!  It could just wind up changing your life.

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