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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shame shame!

Body shaming – we’ve all been the target or targeted someone else.

“Women who lift weights are manly.”
“Girl, she is too big to be wearing that. Mmhm.”
“That girl is too skinny. She needs a steak.”
“Runners just have no muscle tone.”
“I look horrible! If only I could lose ____ pounds. “
“Who does she think she is?”

A couple things come to mind;

1. Those speaking and those being referred to are most often women. We are our harshest critics.
2. Those speaking often speak from a place of jealousy or dissatisfaction with themselves.
BONUS “Who does she think she is?” – ANSWER: She may think she’s all that and a bag of chips. Is self-confidence a bad thing? Or would you prefer she is a quiet unconfident shell in the corner. Ponder that Einstein.

How about we,
1. Cultivate and appreciate inner beauty.
2. Judge people by the strength of their character.
3. Be the kind of women that lift people up.
4. Place more value on health and strength. 

5. Show a little compassion. ust a suggestion.

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